Contemporary Restorative Dentistry

6 Days

General Price: £4,000

SmartDentalCare Employee Price: £2,000

Matthew Holyoak

6 Days

Course Locations & Dates

Smart Dental Care Head Office - Heald Green - Manchester

Saturday 23rd October 2021

Saturday 20th November 2021

Saturday 22nd January 2022 (please note a change from the original date)

Saturday 26th February 2022

Saturday 23rd April 2022

Saturday 14th May 2022

Course Overview

This 6-day hands-on course will give you the chance to update restorative dentistry techniques; to forget many of the out dated principles still taught at universities! You will also be able to update and reinforce techniques on a Saturday and implement them on Monday.

Course Description

Day 1: Caries management strategies; Adhesion and Rubber Dam. Smile Design: Rules, Tools & Strategies.

Day 2: Anterior tooth anatomy all about line angles! Direct composite bonding &Class IV restorations.

Day 3: Posterior tooth anatomy. Class 1 & 2 placement techniques.

Day 4: Diagnosis & Management of tooth wear. Hands-on session using composite to restore the worn-down dentition. Direct placement and injection moulding.

Day 5: Occlusion: Demystifying occlusion. Overview of impression techniques and tissue control.

Day 6: Indirect restoration techniques: Veneers, Anterior& Posterior crowns.


"Matthew Holyoak is a fantastic teacher and mentor with a unique presentation style. His Contemporary Restorative Course has changed the way in which I myself approach and deliver clinical dentistry.  Since completing the course, I have found that I enjoy my work more and have developed the confidence and skills to provide a much higher quality of care. My private cases and income have subsequently increased and I feel more rounded as a clinician."

George Kokosis

"I really enjoyed the content and learned a lot of practical skills and tips. After completing each training day I gained more and more confidence in providing patients with private treatments. Matthew is an easy going person and always ready to help with advice on clinical cases. He has extensive clinical experience and knowledge of modern dentistry. We had a representative from Kulzer who was able to help and guide us on how to use, polish composites to get excellent clinical result. Now I know how to deal with more complex clinical cases, feeling confident to take them on rather than to refer to someone else. I would highly recommend this course to any dentist who wishes to upgrade their clinical skills and to be able to provide patients with a better standard of care."

Svetlana Humphreys

Should you wish to reserve a place on this course, please contact Nickie Thompson - Academy Program Director -

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